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Project Description
Sample FIX client provides a starting place for developers to connect to the TT FIX Adapter. It's developed in C# using QuickFIX as the FIX engine.

This sample code shows how to send the following FIX Messages to a TT FIX Adapter:

(D) New Order Single
(H) Order Status Request
(F) Order Cancel Request
(G) Order Cancel/Replace
(V) Market Data Request
(c) Security Definition Request
(e) Security Status Request
Gateway Status Request (TT Custom FIX Message Type)
Request for Position (TT Custom FIX Message Type)

QuickFIX Documentation
This code was tested with QuickFIX version 1.12.4. You must create a reference to quickfix_net.dll and quickfix_net_messages.dll to compile this code

TT FIX Adapter Documentation: You must register at to access the developer reference for the latest TT FIX Adapter. After registering at this site, you may also request access to the TT Test Environment when you are ready to test your FIX client connectivity.
This code was tested with TT FIX Adapter 7.6.5

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